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Saratoga Dog Training

Have you heard the expression, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” This is simply not true. A dog can learn at any age. At Playcare we work with dogs no matter their age or experience. Our Playcare Training program is focused solely on positive redirection.  Dogs need to know when they are doing something right and need to be supported when they are not understanding what is being asked.  Training puppies to adult dogs to be great partners in any situation.

Doggy Playcare provides dog obedience lessons and group classes for dog/puppy training and socialization, beginner obedience, new dog training and more! For more information, please call 518-886-8876.

Saratoga Doggy Daycare

Doggy Playcare offers a safe, happy and healthy environment for your dog. Our large indoor and outdoor play areas allow your dog to fully interact with his or her group of friends. Morning and afternoon playtime provides free play and organized play depending on the season. During our 2 hour lunch and nap time, your dog is at rest while being read a story and listening to relaxing music…..the book Go Dog Go is one of our favorites!

At Doggy Playcare you will find a refreshingly honest, straight forward and loving approach to caring for your dog. We offer our customers a way to make their lives easier with our worry free, supervised and reliable service. Whether you are at work or tending to your daily schedule, your dog is being well taken care of and having fun!


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“Our labradoodle loves going to Doggy Playcare so much that as soon as we turn onto their road he starts yipping and whining as if to say, “Hurry, hurry, go faster!” He races right in, barking in joy to see his friends – human and furry alike. Our dog has always loved meeting and playing with other dogs, but I worried about bringing him to the dog park since he didn’t always recognize or understand the other dogs’ cues. Since our dog has been going to Doggy Playcare he has learned the social skills he needs while getting to romp and play in a safe environment. I never have to worry about another dog’s temperament or health issues. Besides other canine friends, Doggy Playcare has toys and activities to engage our young, highly energetic dog’s mental and physical needs. He comes home happily exhausted every time. It is obvious that Jody, Dan, and Brittney all love the dogs in their care – because the dogs love them right back.”
– Kari, Artoo’s mom

“Bode loves it here, he knows when he hears the keys jangle on Tu/Th mornings that’s where he’s headed. He sleeps an extra four hours just to catch up on all the fun he has at Doggy Playcare!”
– Margaux

“My husky has been going to Doggy Playcare for about 9 months. She is much calmer at home on her off days now. She also has more confidence being around other people and dogs. Jody, Dan, Brittany and Arielle are wonderful. They take great care of the dogs and make it a safe, clean, fun place for them.”
– Elizabeth

“About 18 months ago, I adopted a 4 year old Hound/Shepherd mixed breed dog, rescued from the south. She had many bad habits, the worst of which was jumping up on people & things. She was more than I bargained for and I was quite overwhelmed. From the first time I set foot in Doggy Playcare, the advice, assistance & support I’ve received have “saved the day.” Through their training sessions, daycare and their overall encouragement, my dog is better adjusted and much easier to live with. They even added a top to one of their doors because my dog sailed right over it. They treat each dog individually and take great care and concerned for each dog’s well being. I’m so glad to have their help available.”
– Nancy S


“Thanks to Jody’s caring and patient manner both Bailey and I are growing in confidence together.  Jody has a wealth of knowledge about dogs and their behavior that I have found both fascinating and highly useful.  In between lessons, she is available by e-mail, text or phone for any questions that arise and she is very prompt in responding to messages.  I would highly recommend Jody and Doggy Playcare for anyone who wishes to learn more about their dog and how to be the kind of leader he/she needs.”


“In the several months since completing our training, Duke has grown into an obedient and eager to please dog that is a pleasure to be around. None of this would be the case if it was not for Jody’s expertise and dedication. I highly recommend Doggy Play Care training to anyone who owns a dog with any behavioral issue.”
– Chris Watt

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