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Address: P.O. Box 2583 Glenville, NY 12325
Website: www.heavensentanimalrescue.com
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Heaven Sent Animal Rescue is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to taking in needy animals and finding their forever homes.

Heaven Sent Animal Rescue Inc. is an all-volunteer Not-For-Profit Corporation. Heaven Sent Animal Rescue does not have an actual facility, all their animals live in loving foster homes while they work to find them a forever home of their own. Those who are not suitable to adopt out are placed in a permanent foster home where they can live out their days in a safe, nurturing environment. Heaven Sent Animal Rescue is strictly no kill.

View dogs that are currently available for adoption: https://www.heavensentanimalrescue.com/adoptnew.html

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“We rescued our dogs 7 yrs ago . We got Mickey at age 9. He is still going strong and he is such a joy and even though he is mostly blind and deaf he is very active and enjoys his life. Our Girl Abby is also a treasure. She was meek when we got her but now she is the protector of Mickey. She keeps him spry and she challenges him in the yard! She will bark in his face until he makes it back to the deck. Mickey was in charge when they came to us and she took over when she saw that he was weakening. We adore our beautiful pets. Thank You Heaven Sent. I know Lennie had a hard time letting Mickey go, Lennie, we have loved and adored your Mickey!” – Helen F.

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