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Jessecology is an eco-friendly landscape design business based in Saratoga Springs, NY, owned and operated by Jesse Elwert Peters. Jessecology creates landscape systems that are naturally beautiful, stress-free and function organically without the need for chemicals or pesticide.

This unique, safe landscaping method springs from the owner’s background in Ecology, and exclusive utilization of plant species indigenous to New York state. Most traditional landscaping involves use of chemicals that are harmful to humans and animals; Jessecology’s business model creates safe habitat for dogs, people and other wildlife.

Specialty projects include butterfly habitat gardens, hummingbird habitat gardens, songbird gardens, children’s gardens, low maintenance native tree and shrub installations for corporate locations, small businesses and residential properties, organic edible gardens, rain gardens for storm water runoff, fruit tree orchards and pollinator habitat gardens. Jessecology offers a garden coaching service for gardeners who’d like to change their gardening style to be more low maintenance, habitat friendly and sustainable. Jesse Elwert Peters writes about her projects and the unique beauty of Saratoga County on her own website and several others, and she’s available to teach workshops and speak at your garden club or conference.

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“Jesse renovated my landscaping with beautiful, colorful and easy to care for flowering plants that don’t need pampering. I actually sourced all the flowers for a wedding from my new garden this past summer.  Most importantly, I know the landscaping is safe for my dog, Abby and her best friend, Finley because the yard is chemical free.  Another added enjoyment is the presence of hummingbirds.  Jessecology’s designs look fantastic, naturally.”

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