Benefits of Hiring a Saratoga Dog Walker

Are you a busy pet parent who skips walking your dog because you are too tired? Or, do you leave your dog home alone for several hours at a time while you are at work? If your answer to these questions is yes, you need a Saratoga dog walker to give you peace of mind! You can improve your dog’s lifestyle and relieve your pet parent’s guilt quickly and easily with a dog walker. Continue reading to find out the amazing benefits of hiring a dog walker!

Time Saver

Your busy schedule already feels overwhelming and keeping up with your dog’s needs adds to the pressure. You can save time and give yourself a break when you place the tasks in a dog walker’s hands. A trusted dog walker will adhere to a schedule and provide your dog with the exercise and special attention they need for a healthy life.

Lots of Attention

Dogs love being around their families and thrive when they receive attention. When dogs are left home alone they feel lonely and isolated for hours until their owners come home. A dog walker will fulfill your pet’s need for attention and provide the exercise they need to maintain good health.

Reduce Separation Anxiety

Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety spend hours home alone in a constant panic state of mind. It causes their entire body to react to the stress which causes them to feel fatigued and uncomfortable. Dog walkers often become a new friend for dogs as they gradually get to know each other. Once a dog bonds with a dog walker their separation anxiety gets interrupted and they feel better. One-on-one time with a dog walker reduces separation anxiety by distracting your dog from their thoughts.

Lower Risk of Health Issues

Veterinarians recommend that all dogs participate in daily exercise. It maintains good health and helps prevent serious issues. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise are at risk of becoming obese which leads to health problems such as heart disease, arthritis, and joint pain. Regular exercise helps maintain flexible joints and strong muscles.


Dogs need to be around people and other animals to have a well-balanced lifestyle. The need for interaction is fulfilled with a dog walker who keeps your dog company as well as introduces them to other dogs. Socialization also includes exploring new environments and going on longer walks than usual to ensure a change of scenery.

Less Pet Parent Guilt

Dog owners carry around guilt because they feel like they aren’t providing their dog with enough walks and attention. Any pet parent who works and is forced to leave their dog home alone has this guilt. You can eliminate that guilty feeling knowing a dog walker is taking your pet out for fresh air, sunshine, and socialization. You can relax knowing your dog is having a great day even if you aren’t the one taking them for a walk.

Ready to Cuddle

Dog walkers provide your pet with the exercise they need to burn off energy which means by the time you get home from work your dog is ready to cuddle on the sofa and watch TV with you.

Relieves Work from Home Stress

Many pet parents find themselves working from home and homeschooling their children. A standard day involves phone calls, zoom meetings, emails, texts, cooking, cleaning, and helping the kids with their schoolwork. Taking the dog for a walk is sometimes the last priority on the list and often left for the end of the day. A dog walker relieves the stress of a busy schedule and becomes a trusted support system.

Improve your dog’s life and relieve your pet parent guilt when you hire a Saratoga dog walker. Visit our dog walker page to find a professional and reliable dog walker near you!