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What to Do When Your Dog Barks in Their Crate

You love your dog and you’ve provided him with a roomy, comfortable crate with everything he needs. If he’s been crate trained from a young age, he’s probably quite happy in his crate, playing with a toy or napping. Sometimes, however, a dog starts to bark excessively when crated. It’s usually the result of having […]

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Is Your Dog Afraid Of Storms? Read These Seven Tips!

Ah…Summer! The chirping of birds, the smell of freshly cut grass, the warmth of the sunshine, the sound of children playing, and the simple pleasure of walk in the park. There are so many wonderful sights and sounds that color our world. For many of us, there is nothing quite as spectacular as a rowdy […]

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Taking Care of an Older Dog: Nika Loves Willie

Pam Sissons is a writer, blogger, owner of and Founder/Partner in eVision Digital Marketing, LLC. The joys of getting a puppy don’t really prepare you for how much responsibility comes with taking care of an older dog.  As we have adjusted to dealing with it in our household, we received some unexpected assistance! Willie […]

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