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The Simple Dollar – Pet Cost Calculator

Pet ownership represents a large emotional – and financial – commitment. Whether you buy from a pet store or a breeder, adopt an animal from a shelter, or take in a stray, initial costs are just the beginning of the story. The Simple Dollar’s Pet Cost Calculator examines the different costs associated with pet ownership […]

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Not the Best Time to Adopt? Why Not Consider Volunteering?

You’re an animal lover, or at least a dog lover, otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be reading this post, right? Maybe you’re thinking of adopting a dog. But you just started school or a new job, or your significant other is allergic or just not ready to take on the responsibility of a dog. How can […]

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Things to Consider Before Bringing Home a Foster Dog

“Recently, I visited the Saratoga County Animal Shelter in the hopes of finding my “forever” dog to adopt. As I walked down the aisle, viewing one dog after the other and reading his or her story on the card attached to the glass wall separating me from the dogs, it struck me that I might be doing […]

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