Common Household Dangers for Your Dog

Common Household Dangers for Your DogMany common household items can be dangerous to your dog, as listed below.

Houseplants – Many common household plants can be toxic to your dogs.

Electrical Wires – Spray wires with Bitter Apple.

Bones – No chicken, steak, ham, pork or rib bones. You may purchase marrow bones from the grocery store (bones with marrow showing in both ends of the bone) or sterilized or smoked marrow bones from a pet store.

Antifreeze – Green, sweet and fatal. Be very careful that your own car is not leaking antifreeze in the garage. Dogs love the taste and it will kill them.

String, yarn, pantyhose and socks – Puppies love to chew these and they can be fatal if swallowed. If you see them eat any of these items, call your vet asap. If the item appears from the other end, do not try to pull it out – call your vet immediately.

Chocolate – Toxic to dogs and should be kept out of your dogs reach.