How To Clean Your Dogs Ears

How To Clean Your Dogs EarsKnowing how to clean your dogs ears and making it a habit at least once a week will reduce or eliminate the chance of your dog getting an ear infection. A Beagle’s ear flaps for example are prone to getting frequent or occasional bacterial infections.

You can buy an ear cleaner for dogs from your veterinarian, at a Saratoga Springs pet store, or you can make your own ear cleaning solution with witch hazel and boric acid. Follow the directions below for making the ear cleaning solution then follow the steps of cleaning the ears listed above.

How to clean your dogs ears: To clean your dogs ears lift up the flap and squirt a bit of ear cleaner into the ear canal. Fold the flap over the ear and massage the base of the ear for approximately one minute. Let him or her shake their head. Then clean the visible parts of the ear with a cotton ball or soft tissue. Repeat these steps on the other ear.

This ear cleaner for dogs is safe and easy to use at home:

Mix 3 ounces of witch hazel with 1 quarter tsp boric acid. Shake well before each use, use a dropper to fill the ear canal.

Cleaning dog’s ears is a necessary part of keeping them healthy! Since dogs like my beagle Riley have such prominent ear flaps, making sure to clean them frequently is key!