How to Introduce a New Puppy or Dog to Other Dogs In Your Home

how to introduce a new dogIntroducing a new dog or puppy to other dogs in your home can be a challenge. Dogs can be territorial of their home and family, so you want to take caution when bringing home a new dog. Below are a few simple tips for making this meeting and transition a smooth one.

1. Be prepared before picking up the new dog or puppy. Make sure you have the proper food, toys and bedding at home ready for your new pup. Since dogs can be territorial it’s best to have separate but similar toys for both dogs so one doesn’t get jealous of the others toys. You want both of your dogs to feel comfortable during this change.

2. Introduce your dog and your new puppy in a neutral place. If you have a fenced in yard let the dogs meet outside. You can also take your existing dog out for a walk and have the two dogs arrive home at the same time and meet in the driveway.

3. Reward your other dogs for good behavior. If they are acting in a non-aggressive way towards your new puppy give them a treat and praise them for good behavior. If your dogs act aggressive try to stay calm. You do not want your other dog(s) to think you are yelling at them because of the puppy. They may get the feeling they need to protect you from it.

4. Feed your dogs separately. You do not need to feed them in different rooms but its a good idea to feed them at opposite sides of the room.

5. Do not feel that you have to break up your dogs each time may be fighting or playing in a rough manner. This is normal behavior. The dogs are just establishing dominance and hierarchy between each other.

6. Share your love. Try not to favor the new dog or puppy over your existing dog. Treat them equally.  Give both dogs good praise and attention so that one does not become jealous of the other. Make sure if you give one dog a treat that the other one either gets one too or is not in the same room as you and the other dog. After a few weeks you should begin to see your dogs become more accustomed to each other.

Watch Riley & Tucker meet for the first time!