How to Remove Skunk Smell From Your Dog

Remove Skunk Smell From Your DogHas your dog been sprayed by a skunk? Even if the answer is no, you should know what to do – just in case. There are products on the market such as Skunk Off and Skunk Kleen that are designed to get rid of the horrible smell, but there is also a simple home remedy that can remove the skunk smell from your dog as well. Most pet shampoos will only temporarily mask the odor, the solution below actually removes the odor.

The sooner you tend to your dog once they have been sprayed the better. The skunk smell will be more difficult to remove once the chemicals in the skunk’s spray have dried on your dogs fur coat. Keep your dog outside while you change into a set of clothes that can be disposed of once you are done washing your dog and get a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the skunk oils. Then grab some old towels and mix up the homemade solution below.

Combine 1/4 cup of baking soda with 2 teaspoons of a dish washing product (such as Dawn) along with 2 pints of hydrogen peroxide in a basin. If you have a very large dog, double the amounts of these three ingredients.

Once you are ready to treat your dog, bring them inside and go directly to the soak tub or bathtub you will be treating them in. Don’t let them wander around the house so the oils don’t contaminate your carpet, walls or furniture. Skunk odor can be transferred from your pet to your furniture.

Put the skunk odor removal solution directly on your pet. Do not to add water or get your pet wet before applying the solution. Work this solution into the coat and over the skin. Don’t be alarmed that the solution will be fizzing as this is what happens when the baking soda and peroxide are mixed. Avoid getting any of this mixture in your dog’s eyes or on its nose. Apply to the head with a cloth. Leave the solution on for 5 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Wash your dog with a pet or baby shampoo of your choice, work into the fur and skin well to lift any oils. Rinse thoroughly and apply a pet conditioner (optional).

Be patient, the treatment may not completely remove the smell 100%, there may still be a faint odor but this will eventually go away on it’s own. If stinking persists after a week, call your vet or groomer for other ideas. Your dogs coat may not look as shiny for a few weeks after the treatment. This is temporary and the coat will return to its original look.


  • DO NOT use baking powder or washing powder. Baking powder will not work and washing powder will cause burns.
  • Dispose of any unused mix down the drain with lots of water. NEVER store any unused solution.
  • As soon as you notice your dog has been sprayed by skunk, check for wounds. Take the dog to a brightly lit area, put on rubber gloves, and check his whole body. If you notice any cuts, scratches, or bites, consult a veterinary clinic immediately. Skunks can carry harmful diseases.
  • For dogs that get trimmed at the groomers, have them trimmed to remove lingering scent trapped in the hair. You can also call and see if the groomer has a deodorizer they can apply to help remove the lingering smell.
  • Supplement with products that replenish the skin oils stripped by hydrogen peroxide like Omega 3 supplements.