The Best Interactive Dog Toys

Have you ever come home to see that your dog destroyed your house? Many pet parents are shocked when they see the massive destruction their adorable pup can do in a short period of time. Dogs that are not entertained or mentally stimulated become bored and find other ways to stay busy, including chewing up your brand new couch. Interactive toys are an excellent way to keep your dog engaged in a healthy way.

Here are the best interactive dog toys that will keep your dog busy:

Puzzles with Hidden Treats

Your dog is brilliant and needs to be challenged mentally. Puzzles with hidden treats inside allow your dog to use their natural problem-solving skills. Most puzzles feature several knobs, flaps, buttons, and levers for your dog to move with their paw or mouth with the goal of finding the hidden treat. The puzzles come in various skill levels, so make sure you start with an easy option first and build up to more complex puzzles along the way. A great option to start with is the Trixie Mad Scientist Turn Around interactive dog toy!

Treat Dispenser Toys

Treat dispenser toys are all the rage when it comes to interactive toys. Just hide a few of your dog’s favorite bite-size treats inside the toy and allow your dog to play and figure out how to maneuver the toy and eat the treat. Dispenser toys are also helpful if you have a fast-paced eater that gobbles down their meals. You can place your dog’s kibble inside the toy and allow them to work for their dinner. It slows down the pace and helps improve your dog’s digestive system. Start your dog’s treat dispenser toy collection with the Kong Classic Rubber toy.

Material Sensory Toys

Material sensory toys are designed to mentally stimulate your dog with different movements and sounds. These types of dog toys range from the classic squeak toy to robotic options that you can control by using your Smartphone. It’s best to create a well-balanced material sensory toy collection for your dog, so they don’t get bored using the same toy daily. A classic option every dog needs is the Gnawsome Spiky Squeaker toy!

Ball Launchers

Ball launchers are great for when you are home and don’t have the energy to throw the ball back and forth. These electronic toys teach your dog how to play fetch and keep them focused. In addition, this interactive toy shoots the ball outward, encouraging your dog to chase and catch. Check out the Chutit! Classic ball shooter to learn more about this beneficial toy!

Choose Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

When choosing interactive dog toys for your pet, make sure they are eco-friendly. Look for toys that are non-toxic, high-quality, safe, and durable. Beware of toys that contain pesticides, toxic glues, PVCs, and plastic-based fillers.

Interactive toys are a must-have for all dogs to ensure their minds are consistently stimulated. Begin your dog’s journey with these fun toys by choosing the easiest options until your dog gets used to using the toys, then move forward with more complex models. Remember, always mix it up and offer different toy options to help capture and maintain their attention.