8 Things to Know About Pet Care

Our desire to heal and maintain our dog’s health and wellness just proves that our pooches are not entities that we own, but adopted members of the family with sparkling souls and unconditional love! With this unconditional love comes a faith and trust in us that we will take care of them. Read below, 8 things to know about pet care, to ensure you are doing everything you can to keep your furry loved one healthy and happy!

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1. Regular Check-Ups and Vaccinations

More than anything else, regular exams at your veterinarian are the best way to keep your pet healthy. Why? Because just like you or your children, your dog can develop heart problems, arthritis, cancer, oral problems and a variety of other conditions that only a vet could pick up on. During an annual wellness visit, nutrition and weight control will be discussed, along with keeping your pup free of parasites and dental care. Vaccinations to prevent serious diseases and viruses, such as Lyme disease, rabies, and coronavirus should be expected.

2. Say “Yay!” to Neuter and Spay

Thousands of dogs end up in shelters every year because careless owners won’t take the time to neuter or spay their pooches. Unless you plan to responsibly breed your dog, spaying and neutering can be done as early as eight weeks and costs very little! If the cost concerns you, ask your vet or check out our Albany and Saratoga Dog Rescue Non-Profit Organizations for super low-cost neuter and spaying services. If you love your pet, don’t add to the alarming number of unloved strays!

3. Don’t Disregard Dental!

Gum disease and tooth issues are not exclusive to humans. Your loving pup can’t tell you if they have tooth pain! If you want to keep your pet’s teeth healthy, they need regular brushing and cleanings. Not sure how or where to start with this issue? Many Saratoga NY dog groomers and veterinarians can give you helpful tips on how to clean your dog’s teeth. Brush those chompers!

4. Prevent a Overweight Fido!

It has been said that obesity is a U.S. epidemic…let us not curse our pups, many of which would eat anything we put in front of them! The leading cause of obesity in dogs is, you guessed it – overfeeding! Obesity carries health risks in dogs as well, including diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. A healthy weight adds years to a dog’s life. Unsure how much to feed your canine companion? Talk to your vet today! They will be happy to make recommendations based on your dog’s age, weight, and lifestyle.

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5. Microchip your Four-Legged Family Members

Imagine how you feel when Max doesn’t come bounding back to your door after his morning bathroom break. Now intensify that by thousands to try and understand what it must feel like for a pooch who can’t find his way back to everyone and everything he knows and loves. A microchip can be the difference between never seeing Max again and welcoming him back home. In less than a second, a vet can insert a rice-sized chip under the skin so that a vet or animal control officer can scan it and return Max to his relieved family!

6. Prevent Parasites

By far the most common parasite affecting dogs is the infuriating flea! Even worse, they can cause hair loss and infection in dogs if left untreated. Year-round prevention works wonders for flea, heart, and intestinal parasites. Consult your veterinarian today for information on internal parasite, and flea and tick control in Saratoga, Clifton Park, Lake George, NY and surrounding areas.


7. Roadtrip? Buckle Up or Kennel Your Furry Friend

You buckle up, right? Why wouldn’t you secure your pet? Dogs can be a distraction to the driver if left unrestrained, putting you both at risk for a crash. To keep your dog safe in the car, never let them sit in the front seat; the air bag could seriously injure or kill them. We all love to see a pooch enjoying the wind in his face out a vehicle window or in the bed of a truck, but the truth be told, it is extremely dangerous should an accident occur. Purchase a special harness from a pet store in Saratoga Springs or Albany that attaches to a seat belt, or secure your furry friend in a kennel.

8. Don’t Give Your Pet Your Medicine!

Plain and simple: Your medicine can kill your pet! The ASPCA listed human drugs in the top 10 pet toxins. Pets experience fevers, pain, and even depression, just like humans do, but the medication people use to treat these illnesses can cause kidney damage, seizures, and heart attacks in dogs. Contact your vet right away if you think your dog is sick, and let them prescribe your dog some doggie medicine to get them back on track.