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How to Choose the Right Puppy For Your Home

Looking to add a new addition to your family? Puppies are cute, cuddly, friendly, energetic and make great family pets. Knowing how to choose the right puppy can be rather difficult if you have a choice between puppies in a large litter. Below are some tips on how to choose the perfect puppy to bring home with […]

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Teething Puppies – Training Tips To Help with Puppy Biting!

Teething puppies have sharp teeth! Next to potty training, puppy biting is probably the second largest problem people encounter when getting a puppy. It can be very uncomfortable to be nipped  –  especially for children. You can find a way to gain control of your teething puppy by finding meaningful ways to communicate your expectations […]

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How To Teach Your Puppy To Fetch

How to train a dog to fetch: Puppies often have more energy to burn than they know how to handle. Consequently, if they have no acceptable way to vent their energy, they will find methods that their owners may find unacceptable. Not only does a good fetch session help mitigate this problem, but it also allows […]

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