February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

February is National Pet Dental Health MonthFebruary is National Pet Dental Health Month! The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and several veterinary groups are sponsoring National Pet Dental Health Month throughout February to adress the significance of oral healthcare for your pets.

Periodontal disease is a very common clinical condition in cats and dogs that can not only give them bad breath but can also do damage to your pet’s internal organs. The good news is this disease is very preventable!

IMAG1430Saratoga Dog Lovers encourages you find ways to incorporate dental care for your pets into your daily routine. Would you forget to brush your teeth daily? An easy way to remember to brush your dog or cats teeth would be to put their toothbrush in your bathroom so it reminds you to brush your their teeth when you brush yours (daily).

Caring for your pets’ teeth every day will help them live a longer, healthier life! To have your pets’ mouth evaluated and to make a specific home dental plan we recommend contacting your veterinarian. Pets need dental care, too!